About Us

As a loving dog owner, one of the most important decisions you make everyday is what to feed your dog. The quality of food you feed will have a significant and long-lasting effect on you 4-legged friend’s overall health and well-being. We offer a real alternative to ultra-processed dry and canned products by specialising in raw frozen dog food. At Canine Raw & More, with our wide range of raw dog food products, we aim to provide owners with the option of keeping it simple with prepared raw meals by companies such as Cotswold RAW, MJ Petfoods and our own brand mixed for us by Yorkshire Raw Feeds, or for more experienced raw feeders, we have a good range of products for you to DIY raw meals for your dog.

To compliment raw feeding we have supplements such as the Proflax range and we stock a great variety of natural treats for training and reward.

Since we value a holistic approach to dog ownership, we also stock enrichment equipment such as Lickimats and training toys such as Tug-e-nuff toys. In addition, we have a secure field for hire: Bowcliffe Paddock Dog Enrichment Park.

We are committed to continued professional development and attend workshops and courses. We are also proud sponsors of RFVS (the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society).

About Canine Raw & More

Specialists in Raw Dog Food