Bowcliffe Dog Enrichment Park

Field hire is from £6 for 30 minutes and £10 for 1 hour.

Enquiries: 07961 813679

Location: Bramham (off Paradise Way)
LS23 6LP

Follow directions for Bowcliffe Hall, Bowcliffe Dog Enrichment Park is on your right before the bridge over the A1.  Scroll to bottom of the page to see a map.

With the ever-increasing number of dogs and a lack of open spaces to let dogs off lead, Bowcliffe Dog Enrichment Park has been established to provide a safe dog exercise area for private hire.

The field is approximately 1.2 acres with 6ft high secure fencing with an overlapping layer of rabbit netting for extra security.

Field users have the added security of being able to drive onto the car park area within the field closing a 6 ft high secure gate behind them, so that dogs can be let out straight into the field off lead. There is an off-road waiting bay provided outside the field secure gate.

Field hire is 30 minute or 1 hour

Field use and rules

  • Please make sure the field is not in use before entering
  • If arriving before your slot (preferably no more than 5 minutes early) please park in the designated waiting bay outside the field
  • Use the padlock combination code received via text to enter the field
  • Park within the field in the parking area provided making sure the gate is closed behind you
  • If the field user arrives late the booking time cannot be extended
  • No refunds are given for no show
  • A 30 minute or 1 hour slot includes the time from leaving your vehicle to getting back into your vehicle and leaving the field
  • Please lock the gate on leaving
  • Please pick up all your dog poo and dispose of in bin provided
  • Mains water drinking is provided for your dog/s
  • No glass bottles allowed in the field
  • The field is a no smoking area
  • If bringing food, please take all rubbish home with you
  • No aversive equipment is permitted, for example: e-collars/stimulation collars, prong collars, choke chains 
  • The field is inspected regularly; however please notify us of any concerns that may occur within the field facility
  • This field has been previously used for livestock, so unlike a park or garden the ground is uneven, please wear appropriate footwear and take care when walking

Bowcliffe Dog Enrichment Park
(off Paradise Way)
LS23 6LP

Follow directions for Bowcliffe Hall, Bowcliffe Dog Enrichment Park is on your left before the bridge over the A1.